Lone Survivor Mark Wahlberg (Markus Luttrell) Leather Jacket

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Please note that we tend to keep the jacket/Coat length according the jacket design and the length is usually 1-2 inches shorter if it is a biker or bomber design.

Buyers are requested to understand that most of our designs are make to order and we only keep a few hot selling items in our US stock rest of them are freshly made for our customers. 

Lone Survivor Markus Luttrell Brown Leather Jacket

Mark Wahlberg displays his deeply imbedded passion for the military as he leads the way in the brand new movie called Lone Survivor. In addition to being moved an enraptured by the storyline, audiences were quite impressed with the rugged, yet stylish look of the leather jacket worn by character Markus Luttrell. This is a jacket for guys who know how to handle the rough side of life and come out victorious. They don’t back down and they don’t play games. They’re leaders and that’s what makes this leather jacket so ideal.

The Lone Survivor Mark Wahlberg "Markus Luttrell" leather jacket is for those who are more than ready to handle whatever life may throw their way. The look of this jacket is very rugged, but it’s also very handsome. When you order one of these, the garment you receive will be an exact replica of the one found in the movie. The distressed real leather is what helps to give it that go-hard look. Accentuating the style is the shirt style collar and zip front closure. This garment is made using real YKK brand zippers and authentic leather. High standards for craftsmanship were adhered to in the making of this leather jacket, meaning it will last you for a very long time, even with heavy wear and demanding weather conditions. The jacket can be considered a wardrobe essential. It’s great for wear with casual or casual-dress styles, making it suitable to wear during most occasions. If you want a leather jacket that expresses your determined and strong side, this is it. Order yours today.

Specification Of Jacket

  • Zipper: YKK
  • Leather: Genuine
  • Color: Black
  • Worn: Mark Wahlberg
  • Movie: Lone Survivor

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