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Ultimo Fashions is the leading manufacturers and distributors of the best quality leather jackets for men,    women and kids. Our products are distributed in the United States, Australia and many other European countries including the United Kingdom.

We at Ultimo Fashions believe in quality and design as we strive to bring you the best in leather and there are not many who could ever compete this. Our unique colorful styles and huge variety of leather jackets make us unique among other and we are also well aware of the businesses who have started after us claiming to be older and high quality providers that they are not and hence we can safely say that being a renowned and established North American brand, we have got our own niche and customer base which is why our quality remains top notch.

We have a huge variety of options available when it comes to leather jackets. We have recreated so many leather jackets worn by famous celebrities in movies, TV series or in any of their music videos such as a “Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine Leather Jacket” or “Harley Davidson and Marlboro man (Mickey Rourke) leather jacket”. Apart from this our collections also include leather jackets that these celebrities wear in their daily lives.In order to provide the maximum level of customer satisfaction our online store has the facility to accommodate custom orders as well.

Ultimo Fashions is yet again your one stop destination for purchasing high quality leather jackets. So be ready to give your fashion sense and wardrobe a huge boost as our wide range of products will make your looks as good as ever.


The celebrities pictured used here do not sponsor or endorse the products sold on our website. They are not in any way associated or affiliated with us or our products. The images are used only for the purpose of information and to show the similarity of our products with the one worn by these famous people. We also do not involve in any way selling any counterfeit products, infringing any trademark or violating any intellectual property rights etc.
These clothing are solely made by us and we have just taken the inspiration from the design to make one of our own.