24 Series: Jack Bauer Slim Fit Leather Jacket/Coat

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24 Series Real Black Leather Jacket 

What does the average 24 hour period of your life hold? Season after season, fans have stood in amazement at the things Jack Bauer had to go through in only 24 hours, time and time again. However, it wasn’t just the story line that perplexed audiences. Many were intrigued by the gorgeous Jack Bauer leather jacket. It seems that Jack knew the perfect jacket to get him through all those hectic days. Now you can own a stylish leather jacket just like his and be ready for whatever the day might throw your way. What will this leather jacket do for you? 

The 24 series Jack Bauer leather jacket has a lot of character. The garment you get is an exact replica of the one seen worn in the series. Much attention has been paid to every last detail; from the quality and sheen of the leather to the fit of the garment and the size and style of the buttons. This is a very fun leather jacket because it has a relaxed fit, meaning you aren’t restricted of movement. Yet, the luxurious tone of the brown leather, along with the blazer lapel style collar and three-button front closure gives the garment an air of seriousness. You can wear this jacket on just about any occasion, whether it’s to cover up your T-shirt and jeans, or your expensive suit. The Jack Bauer motorcycle leather jacket is made of real, high quality leather. It is put together using the highest of standards in stitching techniques, making it a garment that’s built to last and giving you years of wear for your investment. 

Product Features:

  • Pointed Collar
  • Button Closure
  • Brown Color
  • 2 Inner Pockets, one with zip
  • Side Pockets
  • 100% Genuine Leather

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