Ron Burgundy Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Leather Coat

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Anchorman 2 (Ron Burgundy) Will Ferrell Leather Coat

Many consider Will Ferrell to be one of the funniest actors of all time, some of them following Ferrell’s work throughout his career. They first discovered how hilarious he could be when they watched him on Saturday Night Live and there was no way they were going to miss either of the Anchorman movies. In Anchorman 2 Farrell stars as anchorman Ron Burgundy. This is a character that has a very distinctive personality, is prone to crazy incidents, much like many of Ferrell’s characters, and has a very notable signature style.

The Ron Burgundy Anchorman 2 Leather Coat is the perfect reflection of Burgundy’s funky 70s style. It’s made of high quality brown leather and features a very wide shearling lined collar. This knee-length garment comes with two very large and roomy flap close pockets on either side. Completing the look is the buttoned front closure featuring large, leather-covered buttons. This is a coat that’s clearly been designed to draw attention. For Burgundy and Ferrell fans the coat makes a great conversation piece, but there are many who can appreciate the look of this blazer leather jacket due to its attractive old-school charm. Make the Ron Burgundy Anchorman 2 leather coat yours today.

Product Specification:

  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Shearling Collar
  • Two Flap Pockets
  • Two Inside Pockets
  • Front Button Closure

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