Ninja Assassin: Raizo (Rain) Leather Jacket

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Ninja Assassin Raizo Black Genuine Leather Jacket

The Ninja Assassin: Raizo (Rain) Leather Jacket is a must-have item for fans of this action movie. In the film Korean pop star Rain plays the part of Raizo, who was raised to be the most deadly assassin in the world. Raizo endures brutal training but manages to receive compassion from Kiricho, who gets executed right in front of him for attempting to escape the regime.

A high attention to detail has been paid to ensure this replica The Ninja Assassin Raizo jacket is true to the original. The garment is made of high quality cowhide leather jacket. It features a smooth and comfortable polyester lining. The zipper featured come from the renowned YKK brand of zippers. Enjoy the great amount of durability this jacket possess. It is truly fitting a world-class ninja assassin such as Raizo, and is sure to look great on you as well. Order now.

Jacket Specification:

  • Authentic leather
  • Polyester lining
  • YKK brand zipper
  • High quality stitching

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