Farscape John Crichton (Ben Browder) Leather vest

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Farscape John Crichton Leather vest

Sci-Fi fans had a lot of fun watching the storyline of Farscape be revealed through the multiple episodes of the television series and the later closure of the cliffhanger. John Crichton, played by Ben Browder, was a main character even from the very first episode. Among the many noteworthy things found in the Farscape, was the appearance of this stunningly stylish leather vest. Those into unique fashion became excited to see such a piece. If you’ve ever wanted to own one of these leather vests, now’s your chance?

You’ll get a lot of pleasure out of owning a Farscape John Crichton (Ben Browder) Leather vest. Every inch of this garment is appealing. What first captures the eye is the pattern on the front. The quilted vertical stripes in the rich dark brown leather front compliments the black closures running horizontally. The sides and back of this vest are all black, highlighting the detailing that is featured on the front. The low collar of this garment helps to perfectly enhance it all, creating an appealing, and highly fashionable look. This is the ideal wardrobe essential for those who love adventure, power, and fun. This movies leather jacket is so unique that fans of Farscape are sure to recognize it, but anyone can appreciate the creativity and ingenuity that is put into the making of this must-have vest. Enjoy authentic leather and high quality materials. Thanks to the excellence put into the stitching, this garment is sure to last you for many years. Get your Farscape John Crichton leather vest right now.

Specification Of Farscape Leather Vest

  • Finest quality material used in fabrication
  • Buckles at front for shutting
  • Black patches at waist
  • Inspired from: Farscape
  • Worn by: John Crichton
  • Unofficial Product

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