Grant Bowler Defiance Nolan Vintage Brown Leather Jacket

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Grant Bowler Defiance Nolan Vintage Brown Leather Jacket

Quest and expedition reminds many of Indiana Jones and the incomprehensible adventures that took him many places. The legend of Indiana Jones was quite famous and still is referred to likes of such escorts and is referred to in discovery missions.

Defiance and Daniel Craig have just reminded of Indiana Jones with the very attractive and soldier type Grant Bowler Defiance Nolan Vintage Brown Leather Jacket which comes with other packages.

People in Project Management, Camping, Trekking and hiking industries while navigators would love this piece of bravery and planning which so much is noticeable from this smartly styled leather. The retro look is the charm the leather jacket takes with itself.


Jacket Features.              

  •   Outfit Type: Jacket
  •   Gender: Male
  •   Exteriors: Pure Leather
  •   Interiors: Polyester
  •   Style: Shirt Styled collar with zipped closing
  •   Pockets: Four pockets on the front with inside pockets

A handful of Jewish immigrants are escaping from the wrath of Nazi soldiers and have taken refuge in the forests of Belorussia in East Europe. Some Russian resistance fighters join with them to protect the non-combatants while they find safer locations to migrate.

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