Handmade Twin Pocket Leather Messenger Bag

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Handmade Twin Pocket Leather Messenger Bag

Leather bags are considered fashion’s greatest creation as the material is not only durable and reliable but also looks really good. One of the very big considerations while making a bag is to make sure that it stays put, is roomy, it looks good and complements your outfit. You don’t need to buy 10 different bags for 10 different outfits; just one good quality leather bag will do the work.

This twin pocket leather bag is the best one time investment you are going to make. It is made out of 100% pure leather. It is durable and washable, so if you feel the need just put in the washing machine and it was come out clean and new. The bag has three compartments inside, one large and two small on either side. This increases not only the room but also gives enough space to organise things accordingly.

There is an inside pocket with a zip, and the same on the back. On the front there are two more pockets each of which are present to increase the overall space of the bag cleverly. It comes with a long belt that can be adjusted according to your liking.

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