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Eddie Morra LIMITLESS Leather Jacket

Limitless is a concept of touching the extreme capabilities of the mind and achieving greater success who everyone desires.An ordinary writer becomes one of the most successful stock market predictors and starts getting the attention in social circles. All this starts when he consumes one of the illegal brain pills his friend gives him. Bradley Cooper does a wonderful job in the transition. Bradley improves with his getup. From a shabby start to a very active and alert lifestyle with jazzy attention he deserves.

With his character, the noticeable leather jacket is more of a statement which flows with the flair his character demands. The  Limitless leather jacket is all over straight and gives an impression of a person who lives the life in the limelight and wants to grow with the faster lane of life.

Stand-up collar and straight seamless cuts on the front make the leather jacket a masterpiece of its own. People who desire a fast paced lifestyle; this is the jacket which shall get them noticed at the party.

An all age leather jacket – will be a good addition to the closet. With a nice hairstyle, the jacket will be a great gossip.

Product Details:

  • Movie: Limitless (2011)
  • Outfit Type: Sheepskin Jacket
  • Gender: Male
  • Exteriors: Pure Leather Jacket
  • Interiors: Polyester
  • Style: Stand up collar + zipped closing



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