Red Dawn Adrianne Palicki (Toni Walsh) Jacket

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Red Dawn (Adrianne Palicki) Toni Walsh Leather  Jacket

Many were first introduced to Adrianne Palicki as she played a part in the long-running, critically acclaimed series, Friday Night Lights. She was later chosen for the role of Toni Walsh for Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 film of the same name. The first Red Dawn happened to be the 20th highest grossing film for the year it was released. Critics gave this 2012 version of Red Dawn negative reviews, but that didn’t stop the movie from getting many fans and helping to advance Palicki’s acting career. While some may not have enjoyed the film, many admired the leather jacket character Toni Walsh wore. Now you have the chance to own a replica of this very fashionable garment.

The Red Dawn Adrianne Palicki Leather Jacket is a very fun item. It’s made after the style of a hooded sweater jacket, with its zippered front closure and stringed hood. The fact that it is made out of leather is what makes the garment so intriguing. Enjoy real, authentic cowhide leather that is soft and features a rich dark brown color. This is a jacket clearly made for adventure and is a great item to wear for those who stay on the go. A high attention to detail has been paid to ensure this replica garment is exactly like the original, including the stitched features in the women bomber leather jacket and the extra wide cuffs.

Product Specification

  • Film: Red Dawn
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Leather: Genuine
  • YKK Sizzper
  • Worn: Adrianne Palicki

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