The Crow Eric Draven (Brendon Lee) Long Leather Coat

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The Crow Eric Draven Authentic Black Long Leather Coat

It’s amazing that such a sad real life story could serve as the inspiration for such great success. James O’Barr creator of the comic book series The Crow received his inspiration from the death of his girlfriend who was killed by a drunk driver. O’Barr dealt with his resulting grief by writing this dark tale of revenge. The comic book series became quite popular with comics fans after being published in 1989. It was later transformed into many books, comics, a television series, and three films. It was in these films that fans of the series got their first look at this stunning black leather coat.
The Crow Eric Draven Leather Coat has a look that’s both dark and fashionable. It’s the cut of this garment that makes it stand out from all the rest, with its broad shoulders and flowing hemline. As quite common to long leather coats, the garment has a suit-style collar and lapel, but this feature is a little broader on this coat than one found on others. The buttoned front closure is made with large, high quality buttons that help to maintain the integrity of the overall look. The blazer leather jacket, not just for fans of Eric Draven, but also for anyone who can appreciate high quality high fashion.

Jacket Features

  • Buttoned Front Closure
  • Genuine Leather
  • Suit-Style Collar and Lapel
  • Worn By: Eric Draven
  • Color: Black

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