Women's Yellow Hooded Fur Biker Leather Jacket

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Women's Yellow Hooded Fur Biker Pure Leather Jacket

Those who love leather, but want somethinga bit different can get a lot of enjoyment from owning a women motorcycle yellow leather jacket. This jacket is eye-catching because its bright yellow color takes people pleasantly by surprise. The garment has a color that’s unique and a classy style that is quite familiar, being made after the look found in more traditional motorcycle jackets. The jacket has clearly been made for those who have akeen eye for great fashion. Not only is the color amazingly beautiful but the cut and the features of the garment helps to carry the look through.

Imagine the luxurious comfort of being wrapped in this gorgeous bright yellow real leather. The Women's Yellow Hooded Fur Leather Jacket features a stylish fur-lined hood that adds to the look as much as it does the comfort. As you would expect form motorcycle jackets, this garment has lots of pockets. Those pockets help to compliment the overall style while providing a convenient place to store your items and have been made using real YKK zippers, a brand that stands for quality. For ladies who are serious about the biker style, but also want to be the pinnacle of fashion, the women slimfit leather jacket is a ‘must-have’.

Product Features

  • Genuine cowhide leather
  • Graceful Buttons for shutting
  • YKK zipper on the breast and on the side pockets and on the cuffs for closure
  • Quality stitching
  • Slim Fitted
  • New Design
  • Hooded fur

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