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Developing the Ultimate Collection

Ultimo started with a vision. A vision of a collection that could truly be called the ultimate collection of real leather jackets. We are well aware that this might be too ambitious a target but it is certainly not an impossible one. We believe every jacket we design, every decision we take, every task we fulfill  is a step forward in building such a collection. The key is to focus on each design we produce and striving for improvement in every tiny detail. And as we keep iterating over the thousands of designs, we inch ever so closer to the ultimate collection.

Raw leather

Handpicked Hides

Every jacket we produce starts with a stretch of premium quality leather sourced with great care and expertise. We work only with tanneries that follow the highest standards of leather processing and have developed checks at each stage of the manufacturing process. Before it is crafted into a jacket, each hide is matched for texture, grain and color to ensure continuity not just within a single jacket but across different units of each design.

Master Craftsmanship

We take great pride in the fact that each jacket leaving our factory is crafted with the hands of a tailor distinguished in his knowledge and experience. Many of these craftsmen have experience spanning not just a few decades but several generations of men and women who have spent their lives turning lifeless hides into beautiful articles of clothing cherished by consumers all around the world.

A man sewing leather A man sewing leather

Attention to Detail

If there is one thing that makes our jackets stand out, it is the commitment to detail that guides our process right from the very first draft of a jacket's design to the moment it is shipped out of the factory for its final destination. We have cultivated this value in our team for over a decade and its embodiment can be witnessed in all our designs.

Tailored to Your Fit

We believe clothing should be produced in all sizes and fits. Be it big and tall or small and short, we are always willing to push our boundaries and find the right fit for all our diverse customers. We not only provide extra sizes in our online store but also offer custom fitting tailored to meet any person's unique measurements.

Worldwide Shipping

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Friendly Support

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