Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) Jacket

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Breaking Bad Aaron Paul Genuine Slim Fit Leather Jacket

To many of the show’s fans, the Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) Jacket holds a lot of meaning. This show has been listed as one of the most-watched cable shows in the history of American television. The intriguing scenario of a man that’s been diagnosed with cancer now using the life he has left to secure his family’s financial future by turning to a life of crime not only entertains but causes many to think. It makes them question the very fabric of society’s order, wondering what they would do if they were in a similar situation. Jesse Pinkman is the man’s student from his career as a teacher and now has become his partner in crime. While Pinkman might be labeled a criminal in the eyes of many, he’s a champion to others.

Product Specification

  •  This slim-fit leather jacket features a rebellious-yet-handsome overall look that makes a wearer stand out as one to be admired.
  • This garment is made of real, high-quality leather.
  • The zippers that are featured on the pockets and that serves as the front closure all come from the highly respected YKK brand.
  • Setting off the look just right is the low collar and large pockets at the waist.
  • This is a wonderful garment for any Breaking Bad fan or fashion lover alike.

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