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Chris Evans Blue Synthetic Leather Jacket/Costume

Die-hard Marvel Comics fans were thrilled to hear about the new captain America movie.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier did not disappoint.  Instead, it showed what this beloved superhero is really all about it.  Critics had overwhelmingly good things to Say about this movie.  They loved how the main character was not too patriotic, but had a real depth that people can relate to.  Another thing that audiences loved about the main character was his great sense of style.  There were many stylish outfits Steve Rogers was wearing in the movie, including this beautiful blue jacket.

The Chris Evans Blue Leather Jacket is sure to catch the eye of any Marvel Comics fan.  The signature blue color stands out while the silver detailing lets the whole world know just where the inspiration for this stylish look came from.  This is a great garment to wear on a casual day, to parties, conventions, during the nightlife, and anytime you want to show off the fact that you are a Captain America fan.  Plus, thanks to the quality that is put into the making of each these garments, this is something that you can enjoy for years to come, making it a great collector’s item.  Get your celebrities leather jacket today.

Product Specification:

  • Captain America look
  • Available in faux leather
  • Perfect fitting
  • Excellent details
  • Worn by: Chris Evans
  • Unofficial Captain America Winter Soldier Product

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