Dark Blue Kurt Russell (Eldon Perry) Leather Jacket

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Kurt Russell Geniune Leather Jacket

Dark Blue is a movie that highlights the drama of the Rodney King while unraveling a parallel story of police corruption. This film covers the time during the trial of the four officers on through the L.A riots that took place after their acquittal, but the focus is interestingly on a separate story line. In the movie, Kurt Russell plays the part of Sargent Eldon Perry, who stays at the very heart of all the drama throughout the film. Perry may definitely not be a model police officer, but the stylish leather jacket that he wears in the film is something to adapt into your own style.

The look of the Dark Blue Kurt Russell (Eldon Perry) Leather Jacket has the perfect mix of professionalism, ruggedness, sexiness, and danger. It’s for the confident man who doesn’t just follow along with the crowds.

Jacket Features:

  • Unique collar like a signature look. 
  • Buttoned front closure
  • Large black buttons
  • Highest standards stitching techniques.

It’s a great Leather Jacket to wear on both casual and formal occasions. Order yours today.

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