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Dominic Toretto Vin Diesel Leather Jacket

High adrenaline driving and car boosting is a serious multi-million dollar global business but it comes with a price tag of law enforcement if done secretly. Fast and the Furious is just one of those franchises which touches upon the low lying and high paying but dangerous industries.

But nonetheless it has the magic to stimulate the palettes and senses of the hot blooded driving enthusiasts till today. And more is to come with it.

Vin Diesel is the main mastermind who has controlled a team to perform breathtaking acts and stunts with boosted cars. Being a mastermind, he sounds sober, serious and settled in his mind. His brownish red leather jacket leaves a high impression of his personality.

The smoothed and one-piece stitched Vin Diesel Leather Jacket with no further cosmetics takes away the glamorous and extravagant appeal but it does stamp the seniority for the owner.

Cool minded planners and hot brained drivers will want to look much better and will be taken quite seriously with this leather jacket. The simplicity of the lustrous leather is the entire message this movies leather jacket leaves on the people around.

About Movie: Fast and the Furious

A street gang is alleged to steal valuable car accessories while boosting cars in Los Angeles. An undercover cop is designated to find out and determine who after all this melodrama. While he gets into the vicious secretive circles, he falls to his emotions for the sister of the gang leader. Plot continues to unfold when his friends are the prime suspects.

Product Details:

  •   Movie: Fast and Furious (2001)
  •   Outfit Type: Jacket
  •   Gender: Male
  •   Exteriors: Pure Leather Jacket
  •   Interiors: Polyester
  •   Style: Buttoned closing with moto-style collar
  •   Pockets: Two pockets on the front with inside pockets

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