Getaway Ethan Hawke (Brent Magna) Leather Jacket

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Brent Magna Leather Jacket

Some people don’t realize just how important and significant the movie Getaway really is. It just so happens that this film is the last movie made by Dark Castle Entertainment that will ever be released by Warner Brothers. In 2013, Dark Castle was taken over by Universal Studios. Moreover, the lot of people think that get away is actually a remake of the 1972 film of the same name, but the truth is this is an original. That did not stop critics from giving the movie a poor rating and the film’s under performance in the box office prove them right.  However, one thing about the movie that did impress was the stylish leather jacket Ethan Hawke was wearing.

Product Features

The Getaway Ethan Hawke (Brent Magna) Leather Jacket has a very appealing and unique style, thanks greatly to the contrasting light brown stripe that helps to bring out the beauty of the rich brown authentic cowhide leather. The detailing helps to give the jacket a look of excitement and fun, which is wonderful for those who love to live life at high speeds. Meanwhile, the jacket’s overall cut brings out a more serious side, for those who value life’s balance. This is a great leather jacket to wear and own. Get your Ethan Hawke Getaway jacket right now.

Product Details:

  • Material: 100% Real Leather
  • Lining: Viscose Material
  • Color: Brown
  • Front: snap tabbed collar , front zip closure , snap button cuffs ,stripes over shoulder and biceps
  • Pockets: Two front zip  pockets, two inside zip pockets
  • Premium Stitching Throughout

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