Hansel and Gretel: Jeremy Renner Witch Hunters Leather Coat

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Hansel and Gretel Jeremy Renner Leather Coat

Wear the Hansel and Gretel leather jacket and be ready for action. Just about everyone remembers this classic fable from their childhood. The story was brought to life in 2013 through the movie starring Jeremy Renner in which he wore this eye-catching leather jacket. This garment made a great impression on audiences at the theater, along with the twisting, suspenseful story line.

You don’t have to hunt witches to get great enjoyment out of this stylish leather jacket. The Jeremy Renner Hansel and Gretel jacket is perfect for wearing on any occasion. Wear it on casual days with jeans and a t-shirt, or put it on over slacks and a dress shirt and still look amazing. Since the garment is made of high quality, genuine leather and crafted using the finest of stitching techniques, there is no need to worry about it wearing out. The large pockets around the waist and on the interior means you can always be ready to go.  It has an encircling neckline and detailing on the shoulders that really sets of the cut. For a great long leather jacket to add to your wardrobe, get the Jeremy Renner Hansel and Gretel jacket.

Coat Features

  • Encircling neckline
  • 2 front pockets (Flap, around waist)
  • 2 inside pockets
  • Finely sewed and finished
  • Inspired from Jeremy Renner (Hansel)
  • Coat brought to life from the movie “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”
  • Extremely tempting look and design

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