The 10 Best Motorcycle Jackets of 2021

Only a rider knows that riding a motorcycle leaves you exposed to the dangers of the road and harsh weather. If you're a bike enthusiast and ride it regularly, you know that you should never underestimate the importance of having the right motorcycle jacket for your safety and comfort.

Going on adventures on a motorcycle with a fashionable jacket on has now become a trend. But most rider jackets out there aren't fit for the purpose. Along with being classy and trendy, wearing proper protective gear is vital.

Don't worry! We will help you choose the best motorcycle jacket that meets your requirements and needs perfectly. From material and abrasion resistance to pockets and zippers, we've inspected all the things that matter.

Why Should You Buy a Motorcycle Jacket?

If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons why you should buy a high-quality motorcycle jacket.

·      Protection

Unlike cars, two-wheelers do not offer the same amount of protection. This is the reason why you need to ensure safety while riding.

An excellent protective gear not only protects you from harsh weather conditions but also from falls and bumps with its abrasion-resistant material. Many rider jackets now come with integrated or removable armors to become a shield for your joints and enhance protection.

·      Safety and Comfort

Aside from protection, a good quality rider jacket is very comfortable to wear. Most motorcycle jackets are designed to keep you comfortable while driving.

It is not proven that a motorcycle jacket can save lives, but it’s clear that a high-quality rider jacket is a crucial piece of safety gear. It can reduce the severity of injuries and lower the likelihood of an accident. The fact that you're protected from external factors because of this protective layer is enough to give you a feeling of comfort and safety.

·      Durability 

Your ordinary clothes are not appropriate for riding a bike. The material used in a motorcycle jacket makes them resistant to external factors like weather and increases their durability. All in all, a rider jacket is much more durable than your regular clothes.

However, durability mostly depends on the quality and material of the jacket. So make sure you choose the perfect one for yourself.

·      Looks Stylish

Motorcycle jackets are not only for protection, safety, and comfort. They also make you look stylish and classy as you cruise along on your bike.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Jackets

If you’re a rider and you still haven’t included a motorcycle jacket aka an important protective gear to your closet, it’s high time that you buy one now. Don’t know what’s the best one and where to get it? Don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of our current favourites to help you make the right choice. 

1.Milwaukee Leather Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

If you seek a cool, trendy motorcycle jacket that will earn you points wherever you go, then this Milwaukee leather jacket is your best bet. It is versatile and comes with a retro police-style design.

Unlike most jackets, which come with distinct features, the Milwaukee classic leather jacket is exactly for those who prefer simplicity.

When it comes to protection, it is made with premium milled cowhide 1.2-1.3mm. Its overall sturdy construction protects you against abrasions. However, this jacket has no armor padding.

The material of this jacket is winter-friendly, but the removable thermal liner makes it great to wear in summers too. Thanks to its waterproof exterior, you don't need to worry about getting wet if you get caught in the rain.

If we talk about additional features, this motorcycle jacket is equipped with a side lace to ensure that the rider gets an optimal fit and a half belt for easy adjustments. Besides that, the Milwaukee motorcycle jacket comes with four zippered pockets to carry the essentials while riding. Since the jacket weighs 6 pounds, it is not too lightweight. 

2.Belstaff’s Supreme Leather Jacket

Looking for a simple yet elegant jacket for the ride? Well, Belstaff’s Supreme Leather Jacket is your go-to product. It has all the features of a great jacket that you're looking for.

 A black/brown hand-waxed leather jacket that gives comfort and a perfect biker look. These days it is imperative to flaunt your style and have a fashion statement.

The jacket is CE approved, which means that this product was tested in certified facilities and is authorized to meet the required standards in all zones. 

It is also abrasion-resistant with two side pockets and an additional pocket at the chest, with a slight tilt that makes it easy to reach. The front center zipper with shoulder sewing lines gives it an appealing dimension.

The waist adjusts and gives a perfect fit. Along with elbow and shoulder protection, a back armor is installed in it for maximum safety. The corduroy lining on the collar and cuffs further enhances comfortability. 

The leather used is breathable and allows the biker to stay comfy. The exquisite buttons give it a luxurious touch.

3.The Jacket Maker Dean Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Available in black matte and pure brown leather color, Dean Brown Leather Biker Jacket is a must-have. Made of cowhide, this jacket is perfect for boys and men of all ages.

Two side pockets with one at the chest are designed to carry your small world of belongings with you wherever you go. Moreover, pure leather with a soft texture and an extraordinary finishing makes it adorable.

The inner layer of the jacket is a fine viscose lining, which makes it soft, comfy, and breathable. Besides that, it comes with two zippered pockets and zipper style cuffs with a well-fitted snap button closure at the collar.

The quality is high end with the quick shipment, and free shipping worldwide is certainly the icing on the top.

4.Infinity Motorcycles Segura Stripe CE Leather Jacket

Biker jackets are in trend, and getting one for your ride, right now is a perfect time. Available in black/white, brown/white, Segura Stripe CE Leather Jacket is ideal for men of all ages.

CE approved and made of premium buffalo leather, this jacket is a custom fit with an adjustable waist, cuffs, and hips. The front center zipper with two chest pockets and two right-side pockets are adjusted to carry your possessions with you.

Cuffs are zippered with a snap button strap at the collar. Moreover, a removable thermal lining is installed with elbow protection guards.

Two inner pockets with one sidearm pocket provide good enough storage for your accessories. Fixed mesh lining and padded elbow and shoulders make it look attractive, warm, and cozy with every feature you may look for in a biker jacket.

5.Viking Cycle Britannica Riding Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Riders have a thing for jackets, and using one makes them look stylish and attractive. Britannica Leather Motorcycle Jacket is the coolest biker jacket in charcoal black color with the hue of brown.

The leather used is pure, adjusts perfectly, and is water-resistant. So don’t worry if you have to bike in rainy weather. The pure leather makes it durable, eco-friendly, and abrasion-free.

If we look at its specifications, it has padded shoulders and collar to ensure safety. For optimal fit, this jacket focuses on the shoulders, waist, and sleeves' adjustable fitness.

Armored for back protection, it's CE approved with an inner sleeveless liner that is removable and perfect for insulation. Four side pockets with two internal pockets give enough storage capacity.

Let's talk about this jacket's ventilation expertise made available with two zippered vents and perforated leather panels under the armpits.

The jacket is designed with absolute functional and aesthetic purposes, which, however, are exclusively fulfilled.

6.Ultimo Fashions Leather Motorcycle Jacket

First thing first, biker jackets are an investment to your wardrobe, and this Leather Motorcycle Jacket is the perfect fit for protection and safety.

The multidimensional lines on the jacket make it a biker specific. The center front is zippered with zippered cuffs. Two chest pockets and four side pockets with two on each side provides enough capacity for your possessions.

If we talk about its internal layer, it's made of fine viscose, ensuring comfort and warmth. Shoulder patches add a unique biker look with bottom stretching with ribbed details that give a defining fit, that perfectly adjusts to the biker's body.

A vintage-looking jacket in dark brown color with brown hues makes it a timeless, functional piece.


7.Scorpion Exo Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket is uniquely designed with a snap button collar and an adjustable bottom button to fit the hips. It has two side pockets with a chest pocket on the right side.

Talking about its construction, the jacket has SAS-Tec body padded shoulders and elbows to ensure protection and safety. A thermal liner is installed that is a must-have in your motorcycle jacket to ride in cold weather.

With a beautiful black color, the jacket has burgundy hues to make it appealing to the eyes. The jacket's inner arms and torso is embedded with perforated panels to provide excellent insulation.

Not only the jacket is gorgeous looking, but even the functionality of the jacket is efficient in terms of its usage

8.Wilsons Leather Zack Leather Moto Jacket

A complete backpack for your essentials to be carried anywhere you go, Zack Leather Moto Jacket is a stunning charcoal black motorcycle jacket. 

The quality is excellent with the perfect combination of silver zippers and six pockets in total, two on each side and two on each chest, with additional two zippered hand pockets.

Shoulders and sleeve sides are padded to make sure the biker's protection at critical areas. 100% pure leather makes it durable, and linings add the perfect finishing to this biker jacket.

9.Schott NYC Men's Naked Cowhide Motorcycle Jacket

The fine stitching of the garment makes it look expensive and chic. Men's Naked Cowhide Motorcycle Jacket is an exact reflection of vogue with exquisiteness.

The Navy blue color of the jacket is a bold style statement with a coat collar. The jacket is a heavyweight leather with 100% polyester lining.

The jacket is a comfortable fit for bikers as there is an adjustable belt at the waist with a buckled strap. Front black zipper with plain black snap buttons on pocket flap and collar give it an elitist touch.

Zippered sleeves add a biker look to a jacket and this navy article has an adjustable hand zipper. Three vertically slanting pockets, two on each side and one on the left chest provide good enough storage for your belongings.

It has the exclusive feature of gusset sleeves, and a Bi-swing back makes it an individual piece outshining its competitive biker jackets.

10.THE Jacket Maker Ionic Black Leather Jacket

Motorcycle jackets have unique features that differentiate them from the rest. Indeed, this biker jacket is a perfect article to go for a ride.

Iconic Black Leather Jacket is made of sheepskin and is 100% genuine leather, abrasion-free, and constructed of quilted viscose lining to give it a defining look.

There's enough storage with six pockets in total; four outer and two inner pockets. When talking about the construction, the jacket has high-end stitching giving a cool punk look when riding.

Simplicity is timeless, and so is this jacket, with an evergreen color and fine quality. Moreover, the jacket is water-resistant and super comfortable when it comes to long term use.