How to wear a leather jacket – best tips & tricks.

A single piece of clothing can never make you look dashing. Refining your look and adjusting the rest of your attire is necessary to look good in any additional clothing accessories that you buy for yourself. Leather jackets are no exception, you must know how to wear a leather jacket; the right top, trousers, and shoes are extremely necessary for you to look good in a leather jacket. We bring to you a complete guide on how you can match your jackets with perfect pants and shoes to make a complete, good-looking leather jacket outfit.

Biker/Café Racer Jackets

One of the most common and popular leather jackets in town is the biker jackets. They have taken the global market by a storm and wouldn't be wrong to call them the most popular jackets in recent times. These jackets usually provide a casual yet funky look. They are the perfect jacket to be worn as a 'leather jacket and jeans’ kind of outfit.

Biker jackets are available in different colors, though the most popular one is black. The best pants to pair your leather jackets with, as mentioned before, are jeans. You could go with skin-fit jeans, however, ripped jeans are better suited to the hip-hop look that the jacket provides. As for the top, since biker jackets are mostly kept un-zipped, you must wear a reasonable and presentable top. Tank tops are usually preferred to be worn under biker jackets, however, if you want, you may as well go for a round-neck tee. Many people go with an all-black look in their biker jackets, so they match a blacktop.

In a wholly parallel universe, many people have started using biker and café racer jackets as part of semi-formal attire. Wearing it over a pair of formal slacks and a plain white shirt with a black tie is something that has been noticed quite frequently lately, and it does look equally great!

Shearling Jackets

Styling yourself properly with a shearling jacket is very important. Though shearling jackets can simply transform your look, they can prove to be equally lethal to your aesthetics if are not styled properly.

Shearling jackets are usually a formal wear item, and they look the best on plaid sweaters, three-piece formal suits, and dress shirts. An additional accessory that complements shearling jackets very well is wool mufflers. Mufflers that match in color and design with the jackets help enhance the grace of the jacket to a great extent.

It is also imperative to wear your leather jackets in the right seasons. Shearling jackets are very warm, and so you may not want to wear these in summers unless you want to get embarrassed in the public. And when you wear these in winters, you could wear a hat and long boots which would further help in enriching the cool, winter vibe.

However, in this evolving fashion industry, there is no single rule of wearing a jacket. Shearling jackets have recently been used by designers alongside casual and semi-formal dressing, and they do look equally good. Jeans and t-shirts, though not as rugged and informal as the ones worn with biker jackets, do look pretty attractive. White sneakers with long shearling jacket coats are another prominent fashion taste that has been used by many designers.

Bomber Jackets

Many people get confused by the casual and easy-going outlook of the bomber jackets, and as a result, are unable to choose how to wear these jackets.

A bomber leather jacket and jeans are a remarkable combination. However, you must keep the color schemes in mind, since leather jackets are available in a lot of different colors. With leather jackets, you can choose to contrast the shades of your jacket and trousers. As far as tops are concerned, a color that has been in the vogue for a long time is gray/white, particularly if the jacket itself has a darker shade such as green, brown, or black.

The mellow outlook of a bomber leather jacket outfit can be enhanced considerably by adding other accessories such as a funky, bright purse, a backpack, or even something as simple as a p-cap. Since bomber jackets are usually tropical and temperature neutral, you can wear them with shorts as well.

General Guidelines on how to wear a leather jacket

Whereas you may tweak your looks and getup a little bit based on the type of jacket you are going to wear, there are some general guidelines that you should follow while dressing up to save yourself from awkwardness.

Don't overdo it!

Sometimes people try to lade themselves with a lot of accessories and clothing in an attempt to look more attractive, whereas it is absolutely redundant. Adding a few embellishments isn't harmful, but make sure you can carry all that you are wearing; you don't want to be buried in a stack of clothes.

Moreover, only wear accessories that match in color and design with your jackets. If you are wearing a very decent and clean jacket, wearing a sparkling scarf with it or ripped jeans under it is going to ruin your look and get you a lot of laughs at the party, so in an attempt to mix and match styles, don’t go too far.

Keep in mind the weather

As mentioned before, you must wear jackets according to the weather. Many people believe that their impression would only be based on the looks of the clothes that they are wearing. This is a false assumption as you are judged not just by how good your clothes look, but also by how appropriate they are according to the temperature.

The most important point about your leather jacket outfit, however, is your confidence. Now you may think we’re getting a bit too philosophical here, but it is very true. As long as you can carry your attire with confidence and believe that you are looking good, nobody can bring you down!