Leather Jacket Outfits by Fashion Influencers | Men's Ultimate Guide

Leather jackets have been around for a while and by the looks of things, they aren’t going anywhere. Dating back to the early 1900s, leather jackets were first worn by members of the military and eventually evolved into the jackets we know and love today. They’re a must-have item of clothing for every wardrobe and a classic statement piece that can be styled in numerous ways.

With that said, if you’re not sure how to style a leather jacket or even which leather jacket to buy, we’ve got you covered! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through a few outfits modeled and styled by fashion influencers to help you figure out which style is right for you. Let’s get started!

Biker Leather Jacket

This is a short jacket, usually in black, with a snug fit and a prominent asymmetrical front zip that goes all the way up. It usually comes with wide lapels that snap down and zipped cuffs that go all the way to your wrist. The biker leather jacket can be styled in various ways and the versatility of it makes it a good option for your wardrobe.

Classic & Edgy

For an edgy leather jacket outfit, style your biker jacket with a solid black t-shirt, slim black jeans and black boots as seen here by Finnerz (@finnerz.uk). If an all-black outfit isn’t really your thing, opt for a white t-shirt or turtle-neck like Daniel (@dp_style).


If you’d prefer a more casual leather jacket outfit, like Zoran (@avramov.zoran ) here, choose a plain t-shirt or a hoodie, regular jeans and sneakers to go with your biker leather jacket. You could even opt for a graphic t-shirt and cap if you’re looking for a more street-style casual look. 

Office Ready

Pulling off a biker leather jacket for work is a risky maneuver but not if you pair it with the right pieces. Miari (@iammiari) layers his jacket on top of a simple white shirt and black jumper, and chooses to style it with regular jeans and sneakers.

Bomber Leather Jacket

This one is mainly characterized by its simple shape, broad shoulders and loose fit and is generally considered as the most casual looking leather jacket. It is also almost as versatile as the leather biker jacket and can be worn on top of most of the items in your wardrobe. Because of its naturally relaxed fit, you’ll want to pair this jacket with items from your wardrobe that are casual and laid-back. 

Preppy Casual

For a look that’s both preppy and casual, Andrea (@aspronia) chooses to style his brown bomber jacket with a thick turtle-neck jumper and cargo pants.  

You could also pair this with a simple shirt and tailored pants for a look that’s more sophisticated than casual.

Street-Style Casual

For a more informal style, style your bomber leather jacket with an earth-toned t-shirt, light-washed ripped jeans and white sneakers like Luke (@luke.tebb) here does. Just remember, if your jeans are on the lighter side, choose a darker-coloured t-shirt to pair your jacket with.

Moto Racer Leather Jacket

If getting a classic biker or bomber leather jacket is perhaps too edgy for you, the moto racer jacket may very well be right up your alley. Also known as a café racer jacket, the moto leather jacket is minimalistic and subtle in its details and an easy one to style. With its minimal design, high-snap collar and undistinguished front-zipper, this jacket can be styled any which way. 


For a look that’s fashionable and fancy, style your moto jacket with a white or black polo-neck jumper, slim black jeans and dress boots like Marco (@panzi__) here.

Denim On Denim

Double up on denim the right way by pairing your leather jacket with a light-coloured denim shirt and dark-coloured denim jeans to create an elegant Americana look, as seen here by Erwin (@erwin_trinidad).

Skater Chic

For a skater-esque look that’s super casual, Tari (@tarichriaa) pairs his moto jacket with a bright-coloured hoodie, black ripped jeans and sports shoes. You can also pair it with a solid or graphic t-shirt, if a hoodie is too warm for you.

Field Leather Jacket

This jacket is slightly longer than the others and is often worn during the colder months, making it the perfect leather jacket for your winter outfits. Remarkably functional in nature, it is characterized by its multiple front pockets, buttons up all the way to a high collar and is best used for utility purposes. Field jackets tend to be roomier and lighter in weight when compared to other leather jackets, making it an ideal choice for layering.

Cozy Casual

These jackets are usually brown in colour and pair well with darker clothing. Charlie (@charlieirons) pairs his field jacket with raw denim jeans and boots, creating the quintessential leather jacket fall outfit.

Dressy & Practical

For a field leather jacket outfit that’s equally practical and dressy, @thesunglassesman.blog pairs his with a neutral polo-neck jumper, chino pants and boots. 

Leather Blazers

A leather blazer is perfect if you want a more formal jacket to add to your wardrobe. Lightly structured with minimal detailing, buttons and a suit collar, this one has all the makings of a regular blazer with the added bonus of being crafted from soft and durable leather.


For a formal look, you can pair this with a suit or a patterned t-shirt and tailored jeans, which is what Julien (@julienamatkarijo) chooses to do. You could also style this on top of a suit as a leather dress jacket as it, in general, tends to be dressier than the other leather jackets.

In conclusion, be sure to pick a jacket that speaks the most to you and best suits your needs. Consider it an investment since leather jackets are extremely durable and will generally last a long time. 

And remember, the beauty of a leather jacket is its versatility, so once you’ve picked out a style that resonates with you, don’t be afraid to pair it with different colours and layers.