Leather Jacket Outfits by Fashion Influencers | Women’s Ultimate Guide

Are the changing weather fashion influencers trying to indicate something? For the past month our Insta Feed has been saturated with celebrities slaying the leather jacket trend. After coming across some photos we finally decided to dig into the latest leather jacket trends proposed by the most sought-after fashion influencers. 

A leather jacket is an ideal statement piece to make a simple outfit chalk up. The history of these jackets is as cheeky as the jackets themselves and there is an almost inexhaustible list of types and styles to choose from. 

A leather jacket is a big investment and to get the most out of it, it should be paired stylishly with different outfits. The best idea here is to check out on the fashionistas to get inspiration for the trendy leather jacket outfits. Since social media is as prevalent as ever, there are a plethora of fashion influencers that keep on inspiring us with their sense of style. Because leather jackets are the winter influencer fashion trend, we are presenting 8 leather jacket outfit ideas by the social media fashion experts.

Zoe Sugg

If you’re looking for modish modesty and sassy elegance in your leather jacket outfit, look how the beauty and fashion influencer Zoe Sugg did it. Zoe has millions of followers and she partners with many well-known brands. We can take inspiration from the way she styles her outfits with the leather jackets. Whether you want to keep it low-key with pants or go for an edgy theme by dressing it up with skirts, you’ll get brilliant ideas from Zoe’s attire. 

There are so many ways to wear a leather jacket- just like Zoe contrasted it with a fuzzy orange formal outfit. So cozy! Leather jackets have lots of nice zipper details and you can also show off them by keeping the jacket closed. Zoe Sugg is looking effortlessly chic wearing her leather jacket with a plain tee, pants, and sneakers. 

The collared leather jacket has a polished wax finish which gives it a subtle look and the silver tone hardware makes it shine even more. There are lots of classic zipper details which make it more adjustable. If you’re willing to try this style, choose one jacket from our collection and take your fashion statement to the next level.

Olivia Palermo

Every single outfit that Olivia Palermo wears becomes a hit. We’ve seen her in a variety of styles working with the top-notch fashion brands of the world. We have no idea how she manages to look so classy in all types of outfits, and she proved the fact once again when she styled her leather jacket with her black and white gorgeous dress at the OPCSS20 shoot.

Olivia also paired her leather jacket with pleated red maxi dress along with a flattering belt. The shiny matching black boots and a silver star adorned choker adds to her overall fashion statement. This is a perfect outfit for a formal setting to add some style and elegance to your personality. 

A black leather jacket along with an electric red outfit will get you all the compliments. You can make your jacket the real focal point and complete your look by using suede boots along with minimalistic accessories. The jacket has long sleeves and a zippered pocket at chest and there are snap button shoulder epaulettes too. The snap button lapel collar gives it the traditional biker jacket look that can be pulled off by anyone easily.

Alli Schapel

Alli Schapel is a fashion influencer who managed to partner with some good brand sponsorship deals in a short span. The inspiring thing about Alli is that she comes up with fashion that is at an affordable luxury level. The picture below features Alli wearing a structured leather jacket with an effortless feminine touch. She paired the jacket with an all-black outfit and the way she slays it, she’s on our style radar for years to come. 

Want to make sure that your leather jacket complements your casual outfit? Well, you can never go wrong styling the leather jacket with a T-shirt and skirt like Alli did. The zipped pocket type area on the leather jacket looks really cool. The leather jacket not only provides protection against the cold weather but also beautifies your appearance. 

This jacket has a ‘own the night’ type class, it has a collared neckline and is fun to wear this fall. The silver hardware on this jacket look classy and the zipper details add more style to the jacket. The press-stud lapel collar and asymmetric front zipper closure will give you the sassy look you’ve been yearning for. Pair this jacket with a neck scarf, trendy handbag, and sunglasses and you’re ready to slay!

Selena Gomez

From casual to classy, sporting a plethora of fashion styles, Selena can transform anything and that’s why she’s all over the fashion world. Selena gave us a cheeky leather outfit idea when she paired the jacket with a grey inner. The fashion influencer styled her leather jacket with a classy red outfit which gave her a sleek and simple look.

The leather jacket which Selena wears has silver accents and pairing it with a red outfit  adds a pop of color to the attire and provides an easy go-to outfit to throw on with any pair of shoes. Selena also paired her leather bomber with a grey tank top and slim-fit jeans which tells us that we shouldn’t be afraid to mix grey and black. This attire is perfect for biker girls who want to feel confident through their cheeky look. 

The black leather jacket has quilted panelling and two zippered pockets on the sides. The jacket has a slim-fit design and it looks cool whether you keep the zipper opened or closed. It is comfortable as well as cozy and is ideal for biker girls who want to make a style statement.

Niamh May Middleton

Niamh May Middleton is a growing fashion influencer and has a high engagement rate on her Insta posts. She works with well-known brands and has been rocking various styles from casual day wear to gorgeous night on the town ensembles. 

Speaking of black outfits, these black pants, hi-neck shirt, and hat will take your basic jacket to a whole new level. You can complete your look with pointy-toe slingbacks! With this jacket you’ve got an outfit you can wear to those happy hour drinks or a night out. 

If you like too many studs on your leather jacket, why don’t you try our Classic leather biker jacket? This jacket will help you boss around at your workplace as it has that effect. It is easy to wear and gives comfort during the chilly season. This elegant look is the one which you can carry anywhere from the office to a party at a friend’s house.

Thora Valdimars

Thora Valdimars is nailing the trend, has a recognizable, unique aesthetic and is right on the emerging influencer pulse. Thora is continuing to grow by staying loyal to her perspectives on fashion. Looking at her Insta posts, we can easily say that there is no such thing as ‘too much leather’. The leather jacket she’s wearing in the picture has simple clean details and pretty zipped pockets. These are the kind of jackets that can suit every style, from cropped blazer to classic biker. 

Thora has paired the jacket with split-leg trousers with long boots. The zipper effect always adds a classy look to the leather jacket and it looks really cool. The collared neckline along with asymmetrical front zippers in this jacket will make you look ravishing. It has a high collar with two snap stud latches and asymmetrical front zip. The satin sides give extra flexibility and comfort to the wearer and the long sleeves make sure you’re well protected from cold. So if you’re drooling over Thora’s look, why not try this sassy leather jacket from our collection?

Charlotte Betts

Charlotte Betts loves to wear this leather biker jacket and we are loving how she styles it simply to come up with a trendy casual look. The collared leather biker jacket has zippered sleeves and pockets that add to the style. The best thing about this biker jacket is that it is durable and comfortable as well as provides good protection against cold.


Leather jackets are must-haves for all types of fashion styles this winter season; you can flaunt your style no matter where you are or planning to go. Whether paired with skinny blue jeans or layered with a graphic high-neck tee, these jackets are a staple for a reason. The trend is here to stay for years and trust us that your jacket won’t remain in the cupboard. The good thing about the leather jacket is that it is not meant for the punk biker scene only, it is meant for all those who want a pleasant chic look and stay super-hot all the time.