Rocky 3 Motorcycle Sylvester Stallone Jacket

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Rocky III Sylvester Stallone Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Young and suave hot blooded youth demands scaling the greatest of heights which cannot be better tested other than the boxing ring. Rocky Balboa shows off his muscles in his Black Leather Biker Jacket which does equal justice to exhibit every streak and string of energy that he carries. The jacket builds the aura while riding or while wooing the best of female friends. The Rocky 3 Motorcycle Sylvester Stallone  Jacket becomes a trendsetter for young heroes who throb and rally to follow their eternal hard rock master who set the league.

Mostly padded which makes the jacket suitable for riding, the jacket is a perfect outfit to wear for the chilly seasons to brave the weather and the roads. Laced and equipped with styles belts to fasten and tighten the grip on the body for better air passage for better velocity. The biker leather jacket is decorated with zipped closure and a snap-tab type collar to support easier mobility and handling without obstruction. The hems of the cuffs are open allowing easier and flexible movements of arms.

Product Features:

  •  Movie: Rocky III
  •  Type of Outfit: Biker Leather Jacket
  •  Gender: Males
  •  Exterior: 100% pure genuine leather
  •  Interiors: Lining of Polyester
  •  Collar Type: Snap-tabbed collar with zipped closure on front.
  •  Pockets: Zipped pockets running alongside the frontal zipped closure.


    About Rocky III

    Rocky series is boxing franchise of Sylvester Stallone which comes with high dosage of adrenaline which also makes each and every move of the hero an ever green signature for style and for followers. The boxing legend has much to prove from work out to fighting and defeating the opponents with integrity never being missed.

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