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Jude Law Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow Fur Leather Jacket

What would 1939 have been like if there was more technology? It could be that the world would have been more like it is portrayed in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. This 2004 American sci-fi adventure movie is about the experiences a newspaper reporter and Sky Captain have as they go on a search to locate Dr. Totenkopf, who is working to build the “World of Tomorrow”. This diesel punk genre movie received highly positive reviews from movie critics and audiences alike. There were many things they enjoyed about this film, including the stylish leather jacket Jude Law wore as he played the part of Sky Captain.

The Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow Jude Law Jacket has a very distinguished look about it as fitting a more technological version of the past.

This bomber style jacket features a broad collar and lapel lined with luxurious fleece.

  • The cuffs are zippered to add comfort and style.
  • This garment is made of real, authentic leather and it’s the perfect jacket to wear in chilly weather.
  • The heavy leather and fleece help keep the wearer warm while the smooth polyester lining adds to their enjoyment.
  • This is a very stylish jacket that’s great for movie fans and leather jacket lovers alike.
  • Get your Sky Captain World of Tomorrow Jude leather jacket right now.

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